Podcast: the Gun Debate

In this episode of ‘The Vim Reads the News’, in light of the Las Vegas mass shooting, Justin, Justin, and Zach discuss a topical article from 2016, “The Argument Gun Rights Supporters Can’t Respond To” by Nathan J. Robinson at Current Affairs. How are guns different from the death app, OK Reaper? In addition, Justin, Justin & Zach touch some general issues like:

  • Why do philosophers not talk about this issue more?
  • Are the arguments presented in favor of (or in opposition to) gun rights even put forward in good faith?
  • Should people debate this issue ‘on the margins’ or take it on root and stem?


Resources mentioned in the episode:

Bret Stephens – “Repeal the Second Amendment”
Sam Harris – “The Riddle of the Gun”


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