Comparing Trump and Obama

Justin and Zach sit down to talk about what it means to have a fundamentally uninformed president.

There are more philosophical issues here than you might think:

  • What does it mean to be informed?
  • How informed should we expect a president to be?
  • Is there nonpartisan agreement over the value of educating oneself on issues?

Zach argues that Trump’s basic disinterest in information makes us unable to compare Trump and Obama. It also means that no one should praise Trump for anything at all. And finally, it explains why Trump never spends time trying to convince people outside his base of his positions.

The discussion is based on Zach’s article.

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And then we bring you an unusual, first of its kind, bonus episode. It is kinda like a behind the scenes look. In the last episode, Justin and Zach explored the consequences of having an uninformed president—or rather, a president who takes no interest in learning, isn’t concerned with having beliefs that are responsive to reality, and whose interaction with the world is only in terms of what is best for him. This episode is a conversation that took place during the break of the previous episode. The main question is why we should value the process of gathering information.


1 thought on “Comparing Trump and Obama”

  1. […] Republicans do not face any such requirement. It is now an undeniable fact. They face no real consequences for repeated, prolonged, and blatant lying and inaccuracy. There is no longer any expectation that GOP leaders must be reasonably informed or have the intellectual capacity to become informed. […]


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