Our Post-Truth Era

“Post-truth” was the 2016 word of the year, inspired by Trump and Brexit. But what does it mean? Is it coherent? Can we ever actually be post-truth? If so, are we now?

Dylan and Zach subject the concept to some analysis. They base their discussion on an interview in Vox of a philosopher named Simon Blackburn.

“I like to consider what we do as proceeding along a conscious awareness that the mere act of doing philosophy is a fundamentally anti-fascistic exercise. The practice of philosophy is political in a world where quality argumentation, truth, concern for issues of moral goodness all of sudden become politically contentious.”  – Zach (at 1:06:25)

Outline for the episode:

0:00- Housekeeping
3:40- Introducing post-truth
5:30- Prolegomenon to Analytic Structuralist Aphorisms
7:15- What is truth?
9:04- The correspondence theory of truth
16:19- The coherence theory of truth
17:07- The Pragmatist theory of truth
20:35- Post-modernism
27:11- What is post-truth? Blackburn’s take- and our critiques of him
33:21- Oxford Dictionary’s (better) definition of post-truth
36:38- Post-truth vs. lying
41:49- Paradoxes in post-truth and fascism- the incoherence is the point
46:56- So the post-modernists were right all along?
49:29- Who is to blame for this mess?
53:55- Flat-earth theory hot takes
59:20- Are the post-modernists to blame?
1:00:27- Can we be held responsible for misinterpretations of our writing? (Ex. Nietzsche)
1:04:01- How can we get out of this?
1:08:03- A posteriori Supererogatory Deductions

Reach out to us with your thoughts, critiques, arguments at thevim@protonmail.com



1 thought on “Our Post-Truth Era”

  1. […] b) apologize and seek to improve. Both empower the other party, and the latter risks destroying the value of truth entirely. But if you do not care about measuring your claims against reality, there are no […]


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