Philosophy and the Mueller Report

Part 1: the Mueller Report

The Mueller report—along with Attorney General William’s Barr’s accompanying antics—have come. They have also largely gone from the news cycle. But that is a shame. There is a lot to digest and think about. Like good philosophers, Dylan, Zach, Ishan, and Gabe gather to discuss many of the issues that the massive Mueller Report poses.

  • What should we take from it?
  • What is up with William Barr?
  • Is the theory that Trump conspired with Russia a conspiracy theory?
  • How are the media and political parties talking about the report? And are they talking accurately and carefully? (spoiler: the answer is mostly no.)
  • What are the various standards of evidence at play?
  • And what about [gasp!] impeachment?

In this episode, the four have a wide-ranging conversation through these topics.

Join the conversation. Reach out to us with your thoughts, critiques, arguments here.


Part 2: Constitutional Crises

In the sequel to the discussion on the Mueller Report, Dylan, Gabe, Ishan, and Zach reconvene to figure out what a “constitutional crisis” is. Like good philosophers, they distinguish a variety of types. Then they try to determine whether America is actually in one.

Don’t miss the concluding segment. The participants play America’s fastest growing game show, “Constitutional Crisis or Constitutional Niceness?!”

Stay tuned for the concluding episode on whether the president is above the law.

We reference an article from 538 and the Atlantic.


Part 3: Being Above the Law

Is the president above the law? We’ve all been wondering. Ishan, Dylan, and Zach discuss what a phrase like ‘above the law’ could mean.


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