Philosophy and the Mueller Report

The Mueller report—along with Attorney General William’s Barr’s accompanying antics—have come. They have also largely gone from the news cycle. But that is a shame. There is a lot to digest and think about. Like good philosophers, Dylan, Zach, Ishan, and Gabe gather to discuss many of the issues that the massive Mueller Report poses.

  • What should we take from it?
  • What is up with William Barr?
  • Is the theory that Trump conspired with Russia a conspiracy theory?
  • How are the media and political parties talking about the report? And are they talking accurately and carefully? (spoiler: the answer is mostly no.)
  • What are the various standards of evidence at play?
  • And what about [gasp!] impeachment?

In this episode, the four have a wide-ranging conversation through these topics.

Join the conversation. Reach out to us with your thoughts, critiques, arguments here.


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