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Philosophy of Politics

What is Authoritarianism?
The Impeachment Fantasy
Are Wild Horses Sovereign?
The Ideology of Political Pragmatism
Sadly, There Can be No Right to be Heard
Philosophy and the Mueller Report
How a Minority Rules
Who to Vote for
Our Post-Truth Era
Kavanaugh and Democratic Defeat
Stop Saying that Democrats Don’t Have a Message
Stop Comparing Trump and Obama
A Note on Russian Ads
Philosophy of Taxes: a Primer
Facebook Should Shut Itself Down
A Letter to Single Issue Abortion Voters
The Batman Principle
Disqualified: 12 Forgotten Trump Absurdities
Trump and Pence’s Shared View on Women
How to Apologize for a Lie
Fake News: Why Mainstream Journalism is Often Part of the Problem
America’s Collective Normalcy Bias


Who to Vote for
Why There was Only One Morally Acceptable Option in this Election
The 7 Meanings of ‘Rigged’
What Winning the Popular Vote Means


Charles Mills on White Ignorance
George Floyd and the Storm
What is Economic Anxiety?
3 Precautions of Interracial Coalition Building
The Myth of Economic Anxiety


How Hypocrisy Works
From Hypocrisy to Fascism
Why is Politics Full of Hypocrites?

Hannah Arendt

Arendt on Thinking and the Coronavirus Pandemic
Hannah Arendt on Evil
A New Report on the Banality of Evil
From Hypocrisy to Fascism
Do we Want our Predictions to Fail?

Gun Control

If I’m Killed in a Mass Shooting
It Won’t be Different this Time
The Gun Debate

Political Action

A Guide for Talking to Trump Supporters 2.0
A Guide for Talking to Trump Supporters
How to Talk to Trump Supporters
A Political Science Primer for Understanding Bad Types of Government
What Can I Do to Stop Trump? 13 Ways to Act


What does ‘Stay Home’ Mean?
Who is Responsible for This?
Should you be a Person of Principle?
Creative Responsibility: a Call for Papers
Is Veganism Racist?
I’m No Longer Going to Argue about Veganism
Second Thoughts on Dignity
The Coming Oppression
A Letter to Single Issue Abortion Voters
The Batman Principle
Trump and Pence’s Shared View on Women
Socratic Method and Conversational Violence
On Dignifying One’s Neighbor
Why There was Only One Morally Acceptable Option in this Election


Why isn’t the Online World the ‘Real’ World?
Creative Responsibility
The 4 Possible Futures of Automation
Why isn’t the Online Word the “Real” World?
Stop Talking about the Moral Status of Machines
On the Distinction between Online Life and Real Life
Brief Reflections on the Use of Technology in Education
The Missing Conversation about Machines
Facebook Should Shut Itself Down
Facebook’s Good Intentions 
The Specter of Machine Intelligence
The Coming Oppression


Open Relationships are for Everybody
How to Break Up with Someone
Should you Get Married?
Rejecting Monogamy, Embracing Open Relationships
The Dissolution of Cheating: Kevin’s Heart

Meta Public Philosophy

The What Philosophy Owes Society Series:
I. What Philosophy Owes Society
II. Anti-Intellectualism
III. A New Public Philosophy
IV. Better Teachers
Wake Up, Sam Harris
Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson Meet
Politics and Public Philosophy
The “Intellectual Dark Web” Trilogy

Philosophy Criticism

The Meaning of Authorship
Don’t Read Harry Frankfurt’s “On Bullshit”

What Philosophers Mean by ‘Clear’
Philosophical Gaslighting
What is Wrong with Inclusive Language