How to Apologize for a Lie

Most of us agree that lying is, at least generally speaking, morally wrong.  We all have our reasons.  Some of us think that lying is not conducive to human well-being.  Others of us think that, when we lie, we are using people merely to serve our own ends.  And still others of us say it… Continue reading How to Apologize for a Lie


On Dignifying One’s Neighbor

What is American freedom? What is the United States anyhow? Some say the essence of this country lies within its constitution. Others say our time-honored institutions will provide for all time the security of our freedoms. Still others posit that the more elusive “spirit of democracy” animates and governs government. In my view, nothing so… Continue reading On Dignifying One’s Neighbor

A Political Science Primer for Understanding Bad Types of Government

In these unprecedented times a variety of weighty and scary political science terms are swirling around the internet: totalitarianism, authoritarianism, autocracy, despotism, tyranny, and fascism. Only recently has it become important for everyone to know what they mean. What exactly is an autocracy? And what is the difference between totalitarianism and authoritarianism? Or between despotism… Continue reading A Political Science Primer for Understanding Bad Types of Government

Why there was Only One Morally Acceptable Option in this Election

In the immediate wake of the election, a lively blame game broke out, most visibly among progressives. Whose fault is Trump? Our next president’s base is white people, so let’s blame the white people. People of color didn’t support Clinton like they did Obama. So let’s blame people of color. There were the third-party voters… Continue reading Why there was Only One Morally Acceptable Option in this Election