Who are we?


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The Vim is a collection of philosophers who write and podcast about issues in politics. It is a rethinking of the think piece. The goal is not to write the news but instead to discuss broader trends and the philosophical ideas that are pertinent in the current political climate. The Vim is not embedded in the news cycle. Each article is written to be relevant for a longer term.

The Vim is rooted in the idea that philosophers owe more to society. The sorts of insights and analysis that come from philosophy and philosophical method can be extremely useful in a society that has, in many regards, lost its way politically.

The Vim is a political action group. The sort of change required in society demands more than writing and reading. For that reason, alongside a disciplined thought-life, The Vim advocates for direct action at all levels of government.

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“In a totally fictitious world, failures need not be recorded, admitted, and remembered. Factuality itself depends for its continued existence upon the existence of the nontotalitarian world.”
— Hannah Arendt, 1951