These are not times to be supine. Fulfill your patriotic duty here at The Vim, where public discourse is improved one reader at a time. Though we are an article-based platform, your part in this very well might not be writing articles. There are many moving parts here: article editing, a podcast, social media, graphic design, advertising, and outreach.

Now it’s time for a decision tree.

If you’re convinced your want to participate, contact us. Introduce yourself and tell him what you’d like to contribute.                                  

If you feel a lingering uncertainty, read the FAQ below to quiet that feeling you have.


Do I have to be a philosopher to participate?

Definitely not. Though the founding core is a group of philosophers who wanted to create the Vim as a space for philosophical reflection on politics, we think of our pieces more as well-reasoned editorials that model what we want public discourse to be—and our ideal of public discourse isn’t just philosophers talking amongst themselves. Thinking people of all backgrounds are welcome, except welders.

Does it have to be about US politics?

No. But ideally there would be a connection—and there likely is, since US politics exists in broader trends.

I’d like to participate, but I don’t know if I have time to write an article. Is there something for me to do? How could I, pardon my French, donner un coup de main?

That’s totally fine. We know that in your monde ideal you’d just write articles for The Vim all day, but, pace Leibniz and Pangloss, this isn’t the best of all possible worlds. As mentioned in the opening paragraph, there are many ways to participate. Send us your information and interests and let’s set up a chat. We’ll find something for you to do.

I know this gal—and this guy, too, now that I think about it—who could contribute great things to the Vim, should I pass on your info?


I want to participate in the podcast. How should I go about that?

Send an email and set up a meeting. If you seem above the board, you’ll receive a weekly email announcing recording sessions and thereby be offered the chance to become a world-famous Vimcaster.

Y’all seem like a bunch of libtards. Is there room for viewpoint diversity on this site?

…yes. That’s “yes” to your question. Your smear is gratuitous.

I’m more of an activist**, less of a thinker. I mean, I still think, but about more practical things and not Hegel. Let’s say I wanted to participate, that’d be cool?

Yes. Come be a guest on The Vimcast and tell these Ivory Tower bullshitters they’re full of it and none of this would work on the ground.

** the same goes for staffers, organizers, teachers, or anyone ‘on the ground’.

How much does this gig pay?

Excellent question

Are any of these questions frequently asked?

No. At the time of writing literally none of these questions had ever been asked.

That’s the end of the decision tree? I don’t feel like my doubts were resolved.

Ok, then air your doubts in an a message.

Or fill this out: