From Hypocrisy to Fascism

Nine months ago I wrote a piece about how hypocrisy works. I analyze the concept and offer some tools for sifting through a political discourse that is increasingly replete with hypocrisy accusations. Some further thought has led me to a disturbing point: The futility of pointing out the blatant hypocrisy from the Trump GOP is… Continue reading From Hypocrisy to Fascism

On the Distinction between Online Life and Real Life

1. Toward an Internet OntologyHow do we experience being online? Consider what we mean by the phrase “I am online”—something familiar yet spoken less and less. What sense of “to be” or “being” are we using? Is it like saying “I am on a bus”? In a sense, yes. The grammar looks the same. You… Continue reading On the Distinction between Online Life and Real Life